Siloam Lodge's History

In June of 1958, W:. M:. Ken Wright explained that Siloam Lodge had been looking for a new home for a number of months and that the property in the 4200 and 4300 block of NW 39th on 66 highway seemed to be the best suitable. It was moved, seconded and approved unanimously to purchase this land for our new home. The purchase price was $38,642.

The next spring, in April, 1959, Siloam spent $2500 on the newly puchased property to make is suitable for picnics and outings. It was equipped with an electric water well and rest rooms for men and women, which were piped into the city sewer lines.

From the time of the purchase of the land each Worshipful Master contributed to the building of Siloam Lodge until 1965 when the Grand Lodge approved and granted permission to borrow $60,000. The Groundbreaking was held on June 2, 1965 and the cornerstone was laid on September 18th. The move from 5th street to the new temple took place on December 10th and an open house was held on December 12, 1965. Here is the Siloam newsletter dated September 1958 that tells all about the purchase.