Siloam Lodge's History

Siloam Lodge was named after the Pool of Siloam, which was located in the southwestern corner of Jerusalem. The water of GIHON SPRING was diverted to this pool by means of Hezekiah's Tunnel. The water of the Pool of Siloam, being spring water, was considered pure and was used in the ceremonies held in King Soloman's Temple. The water was also thought to have curative properties. In the 5th century, a church was built over the Pool of Siloam and named "Our Savior, the Illuminator". The pool was inside the church and surrounded by porticos. The sick, in hope of being cured, bathed in Siloam Pool. The church was destroyed in 614 and never rebuilt. The site of this ancient water source is now a ruin in Jerusalem.

On February 15, 1905, the Territorial Grand Lodge of Oklahoma chartered a new Lodge in Oklahoma City to be known as Siloam Lodge No. 125. "No dispensation was taken out but a charter was granted direct". The charter members of Siloam Lodge No. 125 were:

Newton Avey
Elva C. Barrows
John D. Brown
William G. Brown
Samuel A. Calhoon
James Chenowith
George W. Clark
Charles F. Colcord
Charles H. Dewaide
August H. Doughty
Edmond S. Ferguson
Edward K. Gaylord
Thomas J. Griffith
William P. Harper
Robert F. Helm
Andrew R. Hickam
Isaac M. Holcomb
John C. Hughs
Charles E. Johnson
Calhoun D. Leach
George W. Mauk
John E. McIlree
Thomas A. Myers
Israel M. Putnam
Robert M. Scott
Julius F. Seyforth
Byron D. Shear
Augustus Taliaferro
Thomas A. Vaughn
Robert E. Lee VanWinkle
Edgar S. Vaught
William A. Wells

The first meeting and installation of officers was held on March 3, 1905. The first officers of the Lodge for 1905 were:

Worshipful Master
George W. Clark
Senior Warden
John C. Hughs
Junior Warden
Samuel L. Calhoon
August H. Doughty


The fees for degrees were fixed as follows: Total fees $50.00: $25.00 for the Initiation Degree: $15.00 for the Second and $10.00 for the third in advance. The dues were set at $5.00 per year and would remain that for the next fifty years.